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Hello, and welcome to Dolls Behaving Badly. My name is Charlie Riley, and I'm the sole writer and content provider here. I live in Pittsburgh PA, collect an eclectic mix of dolls, and love to photograph all of them. I have dolls from Tonner Ann Estelle to American Model, tiny bjds to huge bjds, from American Girl to My Twinn, from Madame Alexander Cissy to MA Favorite Friends. I also have a large Rapunzel collection,  Disney's "Tangled" and others.

I can be reached at DBB also has a Facebook page here, and you can follow me on Twitter @charlieriley819 or @dollsbhvgbadly.

The star of DBB is Martie:

Martie is a Tonner Disney Princess Rapunzel, modified by Jim Dandy with blue glass eyes. She is truly one of a kind. She goes with me everywhere, is often in front of the camera, and is the heart and spirit of DBB.


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  2. Have/are you going to review a girl for all time Clementine?

    1. I haven't yet, but I'd like to. I just haven't had the $ to get her! :)

  3. hank you for the post as you have given a number of ideas download instagram videos


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