Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just don't leave any apples near her. She's allergic.

I got my Paradise Galleries Kim Lasher Snow White yesterday. Here's a shot of her in my office:

I plan to do a longer review of her in a week or so, but I wanted to share, because I'm so entranced with her right now. A little later on I may be more objective. ;)

I know Paradise Galleries had a bad reputation for a very long time over their lovely promo photos, and the actual dolls not living up to the pics and being disappointing, but this doll is actually much prettier in person than the site pics. I also bought a Karen Scott Rapunzel from them a couple of years ago, and she's just delightful.

Meanwhile,.I'm working on a review of the next edition in my favorite play doll series--I hope to have that up this weekend. This new doll's a knockout!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas time is here, by golly!

Martie and my lovely new Kurhn doll, Karen, wanted to show you their nice Christmassy plaid dresses. I made Martie's dress, and Karen's is a Barbie vintage piece. Both Karen and her outfit come from Tiny Frock Shop, which is a lovely small business that I *highly* recommend. Kurhn dolls are the "Barbie of China," made in a factory that also makes Barbie. I love how articulated this doll is!

And yes, that's my messy desk at work. We're getting an early start on the April graduation reviews.