Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I did on my summer vacation.

I'm a little teapot, short and....HEY! Charlie! Don't rub your eyes! Stop it! 

Ack, I forgot. Old habit. 

You still try to adjust your glasses that you don't wear anymore, too. That's kind of funny, though, so I don't tell you. 

Let me see if you hurt your eye. 

Too close, Martie! 

Well, how am I supposed to help you after these cataract surgeries if you won't let me see? And it's time for your eye drops, so do that now, please.

You're very helpful, Martie, thank you.

Hey, about that eyeball surgery--did it hurt? Were you scared? Did they use big knives? What about that suction thing, did it suck up your whole eye? Was it bloody?

Oh, good grief, Maudlynne! No, I've told you several times, it didn't really hurt, I was only scared before the first one but the anesthetist was very good, they used teeeeeeny little instruments, the suction thing wouldn't hold a single hair on your head, and there was barely any blood at all.

Hrmph! That's no fun! Next time, tell it better! With lots of BLOOD!

Uh, no. But I think I should tell the readers what we're talking about!

I had cataract surgery on both eyes, the right on July 1 and the left on July 22, and I can't believe how much brighter and clearer the world is now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go for regular eye exams, because I don't want any of you to lose your sight!

Here's some information about cataracts and cataract surgery:

Cataract surgery video on YouTube.  If you're squeamish, do NOT watch this! I watched a few videos of surgeries before I had my first one done, which helped me a lot by showing me what was going to happen. Most people, however, really won't enjoy this video at all. It's here if you need, it, though, or, if you're like Maudlynne and just like looking at gross stuff.


  1. Hi, Charlie: You should have mentioned your upcoming cataract surgery. I had my eyes "done" a couple of years ago and I would have told you all about my experiences. I had to take so many eye drops afterwards that I kept track of them all on an Excel spreadsheet. Hope you are healing nicely. Take care. Beverly.

  2. Ohmigosh, I needed the little chart the opthalmologist's office gave me to keep track of the drops. I'm *almost* done with them, after weeks and weeks of constantly dripping icky stuff in my eyes. I had to have an extra drop for a corneal abrasion, and that one stung like fire!

  3. But isn't it great to wake up and not grope around frantically for your glasses? Your doctor knows that you're asthmatic, right? Sometimes some eye medication can affect asthma drugs. Anyway, I missed you and Martie. Glad you're back!


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