Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Little Bossypants.

Why are you looking at me and Larry the VooDude? Get back to work on those graduation applications!

My daughter Alexandra made Larry, and makes lots of other neat VooDude felt things, too! Trust me, you're going to want them--you NEEEEEED them. Her Etsy shop is at  VooDudeXing, and there will be neat items to buy there later today!


  1. My niece fell headfirst into the Pit of Despair- I mean, into the ball-jointed doll phenomenon. She's from the anime/elves side of the fandom, and has several different sizes. What I can NOT understand is the fact that she doesn't like to dress them up! She buys an outfit for each that she likes, and that's it.

    Now her mother is buying some bjds, too- and is hard at work making flower fairy outfits for them. But that's it, that's all they'll wear. I have to admit, I keep thinking I'll have to have one for myself eventually, BECAUSE THEY NEED NEW CLOTHES, so I can make clothes for my own one. Since theirs won't have any.

  2. People who collect dolls all collect for different reasons and like to enjoy their dolls in different ways. I myself collect all different types of dolls in all sizes and enjoy spending most of my time with them but other collectors just put them on a shelf its all down to personal taste.

  3. What doll is this?


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