Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's up there?

So I'm at my desk, working away, and I look over at the girls and see this:

There is nothing in the corner where they're looking, except wall and ceiling intersections. NOTHING. I think they're trying to fake me out. Or spook me. @_@

That's Martie, of course, and our little girl in green is my Ruby Red Strawberina, with the baby from the Mardi Gras cake (back in February). I think they got tired of sorting the pile of papers I put them to work on. I don't blame them. If it was interesting, I'd have done it myself.


  1. I really like Martie's dress.

  2. Could they be checking out the canvas because you know they overheard you, talking about putting Fee to good use decorating your walls?

  3. They look so adoarble in this pic but then again thats normal.


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