Friday, March 8, 2013

This is mine, and this is mine.

Maudlynne decided that her space in my office was going to be on this shelf over my computer, from which point she can see everything that's going on, and also who's at my door, so she can warn me. I told her I don't need a warning, as everyone up here is very nice, and the students are actually welcome. She seems unconvinced of that last.

She has also gone through my stuff, and taken my itty-bitty Lalaloopsy and a pen, neither of which she's planning to give back. I suppose I could give her some paper, too, before she snitches the good letterhead to draw and write on.

It's MINE now. No backsies.


  1. Maudlynne has very good people sense you know... trust her first impressions of your visitors.

  2. it could be worse my dolls like to pinch my phone when my back is turned


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