Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beautiful teeny things.

Just a quick update from my (truly dreadful) phonecam, as I finally managed to get Flora into some clothes:

Isn't that little dress the sweetest? Flora's also got her own baby doll now and a little "trunk" with her important treasures. The dress is from The Bead Loom Gallery on Etsy. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A room of one's own.

Flora came with me this morning to "help," which to her meant re-organizing the paper clips so that they weren't all higgledy-piggledy in my desk drawer. Put them down, sweetlet, and show us your new travel case. 

Isn't it nice? It's vintage, still needs a bit of cleaning, but she likes it very much and is proud to show you her very own tiny house.

Of course, it isn't furnished yet, as we only just got it from eBay, but it's still a good play space. She's gone back to her very important clipping work, and bids you all a lovely evening.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


It's Spring Break here at Pitt, and Martie's wearing her....wait a minute..."Study Zone" shirt? Hunh?

Maudlynne: Martie, your shirt's on backwards.

Martie: What? No, it isn't. Oh, darn it! You're right. Hang on.

Much better! Party on, y'all!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The very short, incredibly true story of the lost faery in the Mountain of Chaos.

Way back in October 2011, I posted about a tiny 7 cm glow-in-the-dark fairy I got, from Donny Harijanto of Dream High Studio, all the way from Indonesia: a microfae named Flora.

Isn't she gorgeous? Here's how teensy she really is, against my hand, which is average size:

The photo is terrible, but you get the idea. YEEEPS! I was so worried that I'd lose her, she's so very, very small! 

And of course, that was promptly what I did, for a year and four months! I lost her!! AIEEEE!!

See, her lovely box is also small, and in the utter clutter that is my house, she just......disappeared. I tore the place up (well, more than it already was) looking for her. After a few weeks of looking and hoping, I kinda gave up, and figured that as long as she was somewhere in the house, she'd turn up. Then I just tried to keep an eye out, with occasional bouts of mini-recon searching.

A couple of weeks ago, my loverly husband, who was trying to straighten up the place (ultimately futile, but we can't surrender to the chaos! That way lies "Hoarders!"), brought to me a pretty little pink box (that he hadn't looked into) and said "Do you need this, or should I throw it out?"


There she was, all safe and snuggly in her sturdy little box, looking up at me with an expression that said "What? I wasn't lost, I knew exactly where I was. Hrmph!"

Faeries are such capricious, secretive little beings. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

This is mine, and this is mine.

Maudlynne decided that her space in my office was going to be on this shelf over my computer, from which point she can see everything that's going on, and also who's at my door, so she can warn me. I told her I don't need a warning, as everyone up here is very nice, and the students are actually welcome. She seems unconvinced of that last.

She has also gone through my stuff, and taken my itty-bitty Lalaloopsy and a pen, neither of which she's planning to give back. I suppose I could give her some paper, too, before she snitches the good letterhead to draw and write on.

It's MINE now. No backsies.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's up there?

So I'm at my desk, working away, and I look over at the girls and see this:

There is nothing in the corner where they're looking, except wall and ceiling intersections. NOTHING. I think they're trying to fake me out. Or spook me. @_@

That's Martie, of course, and our little girl in green is my Ruby Red Strawberina, with the baby from the Mardi Gras cake (back in February). I think they got tired of sorting the pile of papers I put them to work on. I don't blame them. If it was interesting, I'd have done it myself.