Monday, February 4, 2013

The Wilds of the Workplace

Martie: Hey, Maudie, where did you go a minute ago?

Maudlynne: Martie, do you know what "schmutz" means?

Martie: No, why?

Maudlynne: Charlie said I had "schmutz," then took me into the kitchen and rubbed a wet paper towel on my face.

Martie: Oh, that just means you...

Maudelynne: AAAAIIIIIEEEEEE! What is that horrible noise?!?

Martie: Don't be scared, Maudie, it's just the phone.

Maudlynne: The what? AAAAAH, there it goes again!

Martie: Just answer it.

Maudlynne: Answer what? What does it want? I don't know what it wants me to do! It's getting angry!

Martie: Calm down, Maudie! Here, I'll show you.

Martie: Just say "Hello."

Maudlynne: I don't know about this, it looks hungry.....HELLO?!?

Martie: Don't scream, Maudie, just say "Hello."

Maudlynne: Oh. Okay. Hello? No, this isn't Charlie. It's Maudlynne. MAUDLYNNE! M-A-U-D....Well, I don't know who you are, either! Dean who? Dean Ofnursing. What kind of name is that?

Martie: Okay, let's just take a message before we get Charlie fired.

Maudlynne: I'm glad you knew what to do, Martie. This whole "office" place is really weird.

Martie: Weirder than home?

Maudlynne: Uhm. Well, no. Fewer cats, though.


  1. Love the BEE turtleneck and the sneakers!! Hope all is going well with your new job.

  2. ROTFL! Love it - dolls at work YAY!!!!!

  3. Nice pict, yesterday I got Katniss at Target she is sooo beautiful!


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