Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My new office assistant.

Taken by my lame, grainy phone camera. She's a Kim Lasher Fiona, for whom I waited a little over a full year after I'd ordered her and put her on layaway--and I have to admit that that annoyed me so much (and I was so broke!) that I had decided to sell her. Everyone else had the same wait and the same idea, though, so there was a little glut on the market, she didn't sell for a month on Bay, and meanwhile, I got a job, and kind of attached to her. It wasn't her fault she took a year to arrive, the poor thing. She reminds me of Grumpy Cat, whom I adore.

Her name is still Fiona, because it suits her, and I call her Fee. She's very serious about doing her job, it seems. I may set her to work drawing some pics for my bare office walls.

Say hello to the nice peoples, Fee!


  1. I love it you bring her to work with you!

  2. I know the feeling but the one thing i can never bring myself to sell is my dolls so i end up just selling my phones and electricals lol

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