Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My new office assistant.

Taken by my lame, grainy phone camera. She's a Kim Lasher Fiona, for whom I waited a little over a full year after I'd ordered her and put her on layaway--and I have to admit that that annoyed me so much (and I was so broke!) that I had decided to sell her. Everyone else had the same wait and the same idea, though, so there was a little glut on the market, she didn't sell for a month on Bay, and meanwhile, I got a job, and kind of attached to her. It wasn't her fault she took a year to arrive, the poor thing. She reminds me of Grumpy Cat, whom I adore.

Her name is still Fiona, because it suits her, and I call her Fee. She's very serious about doing her job, it seems. I may set her to work drawing some pics for my bare office walls.

Say hello to the nice peoples, Fee!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Over 50,000 views!

Wow, y'all, DBB has gone over 50,000 total views! THANK YOU to all who come by to look at my beautiful dolls and their adventures. Martie is thrilled!

Flowers for all our lovely readers!

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Wilds of the Workplace

Martie: Hey, Maudie, where did you go a minute ago?

Maudlynne: Martie, do you know what "schmutz" means?

Martie: No, why?

Maudlynne: Charlie said I had "schmutz," then took me into the kitchen and rubbed a wet paper towel on my face.

Martie: Oh, that just means you...

Maudelynne: AAAAIIIIIEEEEEE! What is that horrible noise?!?

Martie: Don't be scared, Maudie, it's just the phone.

Maudlynne: The what? AAAAAH, there it goes again!

Martie: Just answer it.

Maudlynne: Answer what? What does it want? I don't know what it wants me to do! It's getting angry!

Martie: Calm down, Maudie! Here, I'll show you.

Martie: Just say "Hello."

Maudlynne: I don't know about this, it looks hungry.....HELLO?!?

Martie: Don't scream, Maudie, just say "Hello."

Maudlynne: Oh. Okay. Hello? No, this isn't Charlie. It's Maudlynne. MAUDLYNNE! M-A-U-D....Well, I don't know who you are, either! Dean who? Dean Ofnursing. What kind of name is that?

Martie: Okay, let's just take a message before we get Charlie fired.

Maudlynne: I'm glad you knew what to do, Martie. This whole "office" place is really weird.

Martie: Weirder than home?

Maudlynne: Uhm. Well, no. Fewer cats, though.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Tee Gee Eye Eff.

Man, it's been a busy week at work. Then I get home, and *plotz*snore*snzzzzzz* -- but I did manage to get a pic of Martie with a beautiful bronzed woman in our 1st floor student lounge:

This is called "Caring." We also have "Angst" and "Solace" on opposite ends of that space. Maudlynne really wants a picture with "Angst" (go figure!) so I'm going to try to get that on Monday.

Tonight, though, we are all spending the evening with a heating pad, because the girls are cold and my back hurts. Have a good night!