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REVIEW: Harmony Club Dolls "Lyric"

You may remember that in October, I wrote a review of Harmony Club Dolls special edition doll "Summer." If you don't remember, click the link--I'll wait here while you read it. *hmm hmm hmm la la la* Good, you're back! Harmony Club has recently released their own designs in a new doll, and Karen of HC asked me if I'd like to review one of these dolls. Yes, indeedy, I said, and shortly afterward a great big box arrived on our doorstep.

Jake is, of course, our resident Box Inspector.

 I chose Lyric to review, as I'm a sucker for redheads--here's her online shop photo:

And here she is, in the brand new Harmony Club Dolls branded window box:

(There's nothing wrong with her eye, btw; her eyelashes were caught in the hair net.)

I really like this new box. It helps to establish Harmony Club as a distinct brand, and visually has  *POP* to it. There's very little writing on it, which isn't a problem as few dolls sold online and/or premium dolls have all the graphics on the packaging as those sold in toy stores.

"Made responsibly in China" isn't always a self-contradiction; there are factories that pay decently and don't treat their workers as disposable robots. There are precious few doll manufacturers outside China now, in any case, and they primarily handle their own product and don't contract out. I know that's frustrated a number of doll makers in recent years. I appreciate companies that make an effort to find an ethical factory.

And bless 'em, the simple, easy-to-remove-doll packaging is still a feature. Lyric had two ribbons securing her to the box insert, and a hairnet over her face and hair. That's it. No wire twisties or plastic taggers in her head.
Here she is, free from packaging (but still in my clutches)! Her dress is in tiers, and each tier is hemmed. It's nicely made, with complementing buttons at the straps.

Here's her back.

 Cute leggings and shoes complete the outfit. Lookit those heels.

And her's just luscious and thick and red and not-uncontrollably curly and LONG. I pulled one of the curls to check for length, and it reached to her ankle. Faithful readers of DBB will note that I am a serious doll hair connoisseur, and this hair makes me very very happy. I haven't brushed it yet, but I can tell you that the fiber is quality. I'll be genuinely surprised if it frizzes.
And here is her pretty face! The painting on the lips is good; there's actually a slightly darker shade inside the mouth, and the teeth are white and free of red paint. Her lower eyelashes are delicately painted, as are her eyebrows. I'm pleased that the eyebrows are not overarched, as some smiling dolls are--she's happy, not surprised. Very nicely done.

"Mama!" Okay, no, she doesn't really talk (which is good, IMO; those "Mama!" dolls used to freak me right out when I was a kid). Her arms and legs are strung with the plastic cup attachment, so they move nicely and smoothly.

Back to the clothing, as it's soon to be shed for the body inspection. The fabric of the dress is sheer, but has a good texture and quality.
The velcro closure goes a nice long way down the back, so there's no frustrating tugging and pulling to get the dress off or on again. I don't see any sloppiness here or loose threads. 

 Her pull-on shirt is nicely made, as well, hemmed and finished.

 I wouldn't have chosen these leggings, but that's a good thing, because these really do work with the dress and are a good color and pattern to go with other pieces.
Under the leggings--UNDERPANTS! Nice touch--most dolls with leggings or tights don't have underpants, which really bugs me. They're good quality, too, not the super-cheap nylon netting unfinished panties that so often accompany dolls. Pet peeve, sorry.

This is also a good shot to show off her blushing, which includes her toenails--not heavily painted, just nicely blushed. Her arms and hands are also blushed for a nice lifelike tone.

My camera really failed me here, I apologize for the blurriness.  You might just be able to see the writing on her neck, which says "Harmony Club Dolls," so the branding has its own imprint now. Her neck closure is a zip tie, not strings, but it's very secure.

In addition to being a good bum shot, this pic also shows that her body fabric is a light beige knit doe suede fabric. It feels nice, and goes very well with her head and limbs, so  that tank tops and sleeveless sundresses will still look good.
Her hairline is nice, and I had to pull gently to get that bit of wig cap to show, as the hair is thick. Cute ears, too, also gently blushed.
Her hair from the back--I had to dig to get to the wig cap. Gawd I love this hair.

Shoe shot! Love the clear acrylic, not as crazy about the heels; they seem a tad grown-up for the doll's perceived age.

The quality of the shoes is excellent--the bling is sewn on, not glued. Love it.
I have to admit, they look great on her.

Bottom line: I'm impressed. I really, really like this doll, even more than the previous Harmony Club dolls. The quality is there, the price is excellent, and I'm going to have a lot of fun with this girl with clothes and hairstyles. Excellent doll, I highly recommend her.

Now, having said that, the disclaimer: Karen of Harmony Club Dolls sent me the doll to review; I didn't buy her. The opinions here are my own, however, and Karen asked for an honest review, as I'd done previously for HC. And I honestly really like this doll. So there you are.

See you later, kids!


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  2. Charile,

    Thank you for such a detailed and honest review of our product. We are so happy to hear that you like your new doll.

    Karen Elliott
    Harmony Club Dolls

    1. When I'm older I really want to work at the American girl hair salon, then when I get out of collage I want to work with dolls! I love dolls my family dosent understand how much I love them they just don't get it. I wish they would just understand why I care for my beatiful dolls, but I guess I'll just have to get rid of one doll to get another!

    2. Glad to do it, Karen, and I really am impressed with this doll. Thank you for sending her to me! You'll see her on DBB again, I'm sure.

  3. I just sent you an e-card from American girl!

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  5. I like everything about this doll, except for the shoes. If they were solid black (or another color which could be really neat) I think they'd be cool.

    As it is, I have to agree they don't seem appropriate for the dolls age, or the target age group for the doll.

    Other than that, she looks lovely.

    1. I would have liked them to be solid wedges, but from the front they look great.

      She really is a pretty thing. You'll see her when you come over next.

  6. I really do love your new doll!

  7. hi Charlie been enjoying your blog for several months. Thanks for excellent thorough review. I am going to get one of harmony club dolls if they ship to ok. I like Lyric- very Celtic! But really love Melody in the purple outfit

  8. hi Charlie been enjoying your blog for several months. Thanks for excellent thorough review. I am going to get one of harmony club dolls if they ship to ok. I like Lyric- very Celtic! But really love Melody in the purple outfit

  9. This review really helped me in feeling confident that the purchase I made from Harmony Club was the right one :-)

  10. I did buy Melody in precious purple after finding out about Harmony Club dolls from your review and she is now my joint favourite doll- I love her! Thanks for bringing the company to our attend

  11. Thanks for the detailed review! I've been looking at the Harmony Club web page for a while and wondering about the dolls' quality.

  12. I went to the site and they don't have them until october, can you tell me how much these dolls cost?


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