Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fun at the office, with a new friend.

And here we are at Charlie's office! One of these days we'll take this sign down. For now, it still makes Charlie smile, and so it stays. Come on in!


I brought our new friend and family member, Maudlynne! Lance and Thomas from #dollchat (in cahoots with the Tonner folks and my daughter) surprised Charlie with a Maudlynne Macabre doll (which she really really really wanted!!) as a "Congrats on the new job!" present. And wow, were we surprised and happy to finally meet her! Here she is out of her box for the first time. She stands so well on her own! Look at those great big eyes! And that hair! And the clothes!! She's absolutely perfect. Thank you again, dear friends!

Say hello to the nice people, Maudlynne!

Maudlynne's a mite confused as to where she is now that she's out of her box, so I'm going to show her around a little bit. We'll go exploring more later, and look at the Nursing School and the campus, but for now, just a quick look at the desk.

I'm sitting on the printer, and I was trying to tell Maudlynne that it makes 2-sided printouts, but she was much more interested in the cup, wondering why there's no drink in it. We're going to the water cooler, be right back!

Refreshed and hydrated, we move on to the computer, where we do important.....oh, dear. It seems Maudlynne has all ready discovered eBay. Good thing Charlie has this new job--this could get expensive.

Here's the not-yet-messy main desk area, and Charlie has borrowed a few nursing books so she'll be better able to help her students on their way to being professional nurses. Maudlynne seems glad to be sitting down--she's been standing in that box for such a long time! 

Tomorrow, we plan to explore a little more of the department and the building, so stay tuned!


  1. Hi Charlie

    Great pics!

    Here is my doll Marie Therese at my work place


  2. Like Martie's school outfit. Keep the sign-up-if it is anything like my colleges, the doors and halls are endless-you need the help of a cheery sign to find your way.

  3. Awesome about the job!!! Congratulations, my friend. I'm so glad to hear this!


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