Sunday, November 25, 2012

It has not been two weeks! It has?!?

Weirdly enough, in those two postless weeks, I got well over a thousand hits. I get more views when I have nothing to say or show, it seems. I should try being quiet a lot more often.

I can never get all the kids looking in the same direction at the same time. A couple of introductions are in order:
This pretty girl is Shelby. She came to me in a box in pieces! Well, she was a kit, after all, from Secrist/AppleValley. I can't claim to have done much more here than put her together, but I did think to get a flexible armature so that her arms and legs move and stay where I put them. She's 18", AG-clothing compatible, and I put velcro on her head instead of gluing the wig down, so I can switch up her hair when I take the mood.
This is Toshiko, also an 18" Secrist kit, but one I've had for around 3 years and forgot I had (sorry about that, Tosh). She doesn't have an armature, and her arms and legs aren't strung, so how she's posing is the best she can do. I overstuffed her arms and legs, though, because her dress is the right size, but too tight at the sleeves, and her tights don't fit her thighs well; we'll need to do a fluff reduction operation. She refuses to wear shoes, it seems, even in winter weather--I put them on she kicks them off. Eventually I'm getting her some boots, with laces and a padlock. She has a velcroed head, also.

 Elizabeth wanted to show you her new winter-themed sweatshirt. Cute, isn't it?

Martie hopes everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. Thanks giving was so fun for me! Elizabeth is so cute what website did u get her off of? oh and How is Martie did she have a wonderful thanks giving too?

  2. I made a blog you should check it out I'll probaly gonna need to find away to take the picks off my phone and on to my blog cause I take really good picts form my phone.

  3. I think a perfect play friend for Toshiko would be Maru from "Maru and Friends." These dolls are beautiful! I just got one and cannot get over how stunningly beautiful and unique she is. Have you heard about them?

    1. I looked on that website you mention Now I want Tanya!


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