Monday, November 26, 2012


Got the tree up (which wasn't hard, it's short and permanently attached to the stand) and lighted (also not hard, as the thing came with lights attached--oh, hush up, I just don't like to fuss over that stuff) and decorated! That is a cute angel at the top, but somehow I couldn't get her in frame. I will remedy that later, because she's adorable.

Happy Countdown-to-Holidays from Martie and Terri Lee! 

Oh, and some Gundams hangin' out on the table. They look fierce, but they're actually pretty quiet guys.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It has not been two weeks! It has?!?

Weirdly enough, in those two postless weeks, I got well over a thousand hits. I get more views when I have nothing to say or show, it seems. I should try being quiet a lot more often.

I can never get all the kids looking in the same direction at the same time. A couple of introductions are in order:
This pretty girl is Shelby. She came to me in a box in pieces! Well, she was a kit, after all, from Secrist/AppleValley. I can't claim to have done much more here than put her together, but I did think to get a flexible armature so that her arms and legs move and stay where I put them. She's 18", AG-clothing compatible, and I put velcro on her head instead of gluing the wig down, so I can switch up her hair when I take the mood.
This is Toshiko, also an 18" Secrist kit, but one I've had for around 3 years and forgot I had (sorry about that, Tosh). She doesn't have an armature, and her arms and legs aren't strung, so how she's posing is the best she can do. I overstuffed her arms and legs, though, because her dress is the right size, but too tight at the sleeves, and her tights don't fit her thighs well; we'll need to do a fluff reduction operation. She refuses to wear shoes, it seems, even in winter weather--I put them on she kicks them off. Eventually I'm getting her some boots, with laces and a padlock. She has a velcroed head, also.

 Elizabeth wanted to show you her new winter-themed sweatshirt. Cute, isn't it?

Martie hopes everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Autumn in the park.

Yesterday, I actually went outside to the park and walked the dog! A month ago, that would have been impossible, so take THAT, pneumonia! Mind, I went with my husband as well, and when *he* was walking with the dog I couldn't keep up!, but hey. I went out, I walked, and that sounds like a major triumph to me. BOOYAH.

And, of course, Martie came along. We were disappointed that the pneumonia made us miss all the bright fall colors, but we found a couple of nice photo spots all the same.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No, I don't want to have my picture now.

Because I'm playing a game, that's why!

 See, I have to hit the bubbles with the other bubbles before I run out of bubbles, and then I need more spiders for the bubbles to bounce off of before they fall in the smaller cauldrons, so I have to hit multiple bubbles with the big cauldron bubbles to get the spiders, but when I run out of other bubbles before the target bubbles, then....
 You're right, it's a ridiculous game.
 Say bubbles!