Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Amelia from A Girl for All Time is HERE!

This penumonia has flattened me, it's true, but I've had a most charming companion to entertain me and help chase away the blues: meet Amelia, the newest doll from A Girl for All Time!

She's very pleased to make your acquaintance.

Last December I discovered and wrote about a new doll line called A Girl for All Time, which launched with my dream historical doll, Matilda. After about five minutes' hard contemplation, I ordered Matilda with all her clothing and posted about her very very quick delivery and deboxing, which turned into a review by the end as I'd taken everything off her to examine her. My opinion hasn't changed, as Matilda continues to be one of the favorites in my collection, and the company continues to be a favorite, as well, as Frances Cain of AGFAT is wonderfully interactive, informative, and an excellent businesswoman with a great vision for the company.

As introduction and along with some promo photos on the site, AGFAT had posted this about Amelia:

'My name is Amelia Elliot.  Just an ordinary school-girl in Victorian London. I’m looking forward to my thirteenth birthday when I’m going to inherit the family travelling trunk bequeathed to every first born girl, by my great great great…..well so many greats I lose count…grandmother Matilda.

A gypsy at the fair yesterday, read my palm and said I’m going to have a life of struggle, heartbreak, riches and adventure and that she could see me on stage at a music hall!  What a load of nonsense!'

You can imagine my surprise and delight when, on the eve of Amelia's release, Frances asked me if I would be willing to review her here in DBB. Would I ever!, was my response (mind, I used a lot more words like "Eeeee!! OMG YES I'd LOVE to! SQUEE!"). Amelia arrived not long ago, and here we go again, kids, with an unboxing and review of a new A Girl for All Time!

 I know I don't need to post a pic of the delivery box, but I'm just amazed at how fast AGFAT delivers, especially from the UK. Great customer service starts with getting the product into eager hands quickly.
 First glimpse. Anticipation....
 Through the box! Look at those blue eyes!
 Yes, we must examine the box. Presentation is important. Here is the side....
 And the back, with some info welcoming the buyer to the A Girl for All Time family.
 A charming profile from the side.

All right, enough boxes, on with our introduction! The box, btw, came open with relative ease, although there was a piece of tape I hadn't seen that made me tear the top just a touch. My bad.
 Well, hello, young lady! Her skin tone is just gorgeous, like porcelain.
 Standing properly in her box, waiting patiently for me to do something, already. Note that she doesn't look ruffled, crushed, or out of place anywhere. The relatively simple box insert protected her well against a number of potential travel mishaps.
 More twistie-ties than I care to see, but not too many. I was quite pleased to see that her head is attached to the box, as well, and not by those horrid little plastic tags that mass retailers like to use.
Look at this-- the twist tie across her forehead is not only covered with a protective sleeve, but was also carefully worked in with her hair to avoid creasing it. I love this kind of attention to detail, it shows a lot of respect for the product and the buyer to take such careful concern with the long-term effects of the packaging.
 A tantalizing passage from Amelia's novel. I already don't care for Aunt Cora. ;D
 From the back of her hair, just a couple of elastics to pull it off her face. I was initially concerned when I first saw the promo pics that her hairstyle would be elaborate, and not play-able (is that a word?), but nope! Just long and loose! We'll set her hair free in just a little while.
The costuming is of course vitally important to the doll's persona and quality, so we're going to examine that as well. This is a lovely classic two-piece dress, and nicely constructed--those snaps don't look sloppily applied, a detail that a lot of doll clothing neglects.
 The decorative buttons down the front from the inside, sturdily attached to the lovely silky lining.
This bow makes me smile, I can't help it. The color, the placement, all of it. The skirt is gathered upwards with the bow as the focal point. Excellent look, nicely done.
 The skirt opens down the side, of course, because of the wonderful detailing on the back.
 And the skirt has an underskirt, just as carefully made, stitched, and hemmed.
 Her underthings are wonderful! Look, a slip....
 ...over bloomers. How wonderful! The real necessaries, no cheating with fewer pieces.

 I want these boots in my size. The detailing is simple enough for play, but accurate enough not to spoil the overall look with anachronistic footwear. The boots have the only velcro in the entire outfit, in the back.
Lacy socks! Actual quality lacy socks! I was so delighted at these socks, which seems silly, but so many shoed dolls come sockless, and when there are socks they're the ugly generic tricot tube socks. Amelia has good lacy socks, by gum.
 Her body's well made, as Matilda's is. She has some blushing on her hands and feet (she should be beet red in the face, she's so embarrassed), and she does stand very nicely on her own, despite this particular awkward pose.
 And from the back. It's okay, Amelia, I'm going to get you all dressed up again here in a second!
 Ahhh, much better. But, dear, your hair simply must be dealt with!
 What beautiful luscious hair she has! It's a wig, attached just right, very full and thick, and it has a good feel, silky and not dry at all. Many, many styling possibilities here, both historical and not.
 Seriously, look at this gorgeous hair.

 And here we are, brushed and dressed and ready for anything!

Overall: this is a great doll, up to the high standards set by Matilda and more--for example, I think Amelia's eyes are even nicer than Matilda's. The play value is tremendous, and the collector value is high, as well. Of course Amelia and Matilda share the same body, so their clothing is interchangeable, and many of the clothes made for the slim-bodied 18" play dolls fit this body as well, although please keep in mind that Amelia and Matilda are 16", so pant legs and ssleeves will be off.

When I'm feeling well again, I promise many pictures of the time-travelers Matilda and Amelia, and can not wait to see what they'll get up to.

I also can't wait to see what A Girl for All Time will get up to, as well! I can't wait to see dolls from other time eras that Frances and company have planned.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this doll to review, I did not purchase her. All opinions expressed here, however, are my own.


  1. She looks lovely! Your pictures really show her personality and I can imagine a young girl being absolutely fascinated with her.

  2. I am so glad you are starting to feel better. Isn't Amelia just such a sweet thing? She and Matilda are just fabulous and I am so happy to have them as part of my collection, too. Beautiful photos!

  3. Love it-great unveiling! Francis was thinking about a new box when I saw her at Toy Fair & I love this one. Flows well with the doll clothing colors. Thanks for the complete showing!

  4. What charming dolls! It's lovely to see a new series that focuses on history. The fashions are lovely and I am always prefer a jointed doll.


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