Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An entire doll FLOOR, kids!

Yesterday morning I had a long job interview that I'm cautiously optimistic about, and afterwards I went to SW Randall's Toyes & Gifts downtown on Smithfield Street. The doll floor had just reopened in anticipation for the holiday season, but not all the stock had yet arrived. What was there was gorgeous stuff, and I got a guided tour of the floor from the lovely lady who was working up there. I didn't get to take pictures, though.

I can tell you, though, that very soon there will be online a very large selection of the dolls of the late Jack Louis, who worked at Randall's for over forty years. He had an enormous Barbie collection, only part of which is on floor, the rest will be online. His collection included some lovely repaints, boxed rare dolls, Cher doll clothes MIP, and.....a Number One Barbie in perfect condition.

A lot of their new items are on their Amazon pages, including some Monster High dolls at FAIR PRICES! I know, right?!? Meanwhile, go to their website, call their phone, and ASK what they have! They're great people and love to answer questions.

This is a picture from a Yelp review of the doll section that's usually on the first floor, but is now on the third:


  1. Best wishes on your interview-positive thoughts coming your way!

  2. Hmmmmmm Guess where I may just have to go next time we are in Pittsburgh!

    1. The doll floor is only open through Christmas, so come soon! :D


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