Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Rapunzel in the house!

Actually, this Rapunzel is from 1997, but as she's never been out of her box, and I just got her a couple of days ago, she counts as new. I got her from eBay this past week, for a great price, because the listing misspelled a keyword and thus no one found her but me. Booyah!

I prefer the AA version of the Rapunzel Barbies, not least because she doesn't have the standard vacuous expression that the white one does. I have two black Rapunzels, the other also a growing hair version of a white Rapunzel as a child doll, and these are the only two black Rapunzels I've ever seen. The Rapunzel story is presented as a German Grimm Brothers fairy tale (although it wasn't actually a fairy tale, it was a version of a story written in Italy in the early 17th century), and thus is of solid European origin. All the same, I want to see some more black, or Asian, or Indian, or Hispanic, or all-of-the-above Rapunzels, too. Get on it, toy makers!

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