Saturday, August 25, 2012

Martie's in a rubber room.

Well, not exactly--it's the tire display at our Costco.

About as exciting as watching...well, watching tires on a rack, really.

And that has been the problem with my Summer of Martie series. Borrrrring. See, unlike what seems to be most Americans, I bloody hate summer. I don't like the heat, the humidity, the bugs, the straight-on harsh sunshine, and being outdoors in all of the above. This resulted in a lot of indoor pics with very little snap to them.

What I do love is autumn. The weather and temperatures are so much nicer, the sunlight isn't as harsh, the colors are amazing, and I actually occasionally like going outside. Plus, then I can get great shots like this:

Big difference, non? The 61 Days of Martie I did toward the end of 2011 had a lot more going for it than the one I did this summer, which sometimes was a drudgery for me because I just wasn't inspired.

I'm not promising to do any more series, but you'll probably see a lot more, and a lot more interesting, photos here as the weather starts to mellow into seasons I actually enjoy.

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