Monday, July 2, 2012

A very warm Day 12 of the Summer of Martie.

Rose: It's so hot today! Why are we out here again?

Martie: Charlie wanted to find out if it had cooled down enough to turn the air conditioning off. She said something about the electric bill and global warming. Mostly about the electric bill, though.

Rose: Well, those are important to think about, but...oh, my, is it hot.

So what do you think? Should I turn off the a/c?

Martie and Rose: NO!!

*sigh* I hope it's cooler tomorrow.... (reality note: it won't be).

Martie: And the sun just came out and made it worse! Ugh!

Rose: Do you think if we sat here long enough, our bums would melt to the concrete?

Martie: Let's go back inside, please! I think even my hair will melt!

You exaggerate, dears, but yes, we'll go back inside. Maybe I can turn the a/c down to....

Rose and Martie: NOOO!!!

Gratuitous shot of Holly. That tongue flash made me laugh.

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