Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 37 of the Summer of Martie--with Fish!

Okay, not really fish, but the finished redwork quilt panel from Monday's post, which of course features a fish:

This is the next block-in-progress, a turtle:

Note that I sign each piece. Always have done, always will, even when I'm stitching a set of tea towels. It breaks my heart when I see embroidered linens in thrift and antique stores with little hint of who put all that love and work into the stitching, and when it was done--in the 30s, when materials were dear? In the late 40s, when the country was jubilant? The early 60s, with a brood of baby-boom kids demanding attention? Funky 70s? Neon 80s? It takes a special kind of person to have the patience and perseverance to finish any piece of needlework, and I'd love to know just the tiniest bit about by whom and when the work was done. It's even more important now, with embroidery machines rampant and the art rather dying out. A pre-programmed design into a computerized machine, down to the thread colors to be used, put into the world as "creative handwork" makes me heartsick. I'd rather see a clumsily executed piece of simple hand embroidery over a slick professional-looking licensed-character machine-made piece any day. Handwork is heartwork. There you go, the title of my next book. ;D


  1. Are all the "creatures" going to be in jars? If so that's adorable!

    And I always ALWAYS forget to sign my stuff. o_O

    1. Yep, always in jars. About half bugs, half critters. And a huge spider.

  2. I agree, Charlie. I love looking at antique and vintage things and dream up stories about who owned them, who made them. I always sign my artwork, so if someone finds it fifty or so years from now in a yard sale, they'll be able to say, "Trenda Marie? Hmm, wonder what she was like?"

    Hugs to you and Martie!


    P.S. What sort of doll is Lizzie? She's adorable!

    1. Plus, whoever may find it will know you had enough pride in your work to sign it, so the work mattered to you.

      Lizzie is a Dollmore Lusion Daish, a huge (and rather heavy....) resin BJD.


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