Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 26 of the Summer of Martie--with a REALLY big sister!

I've had this girl on order and layaway for what seems like years, and didn't talk about her here because I sometimes felt as though she'd never make it home. Then last week I got the shipping info, squeed and fretted for three days, and today she's here! Martie is being very helpful and showing her around. Martie is also a bit disconcerted that this new girl can pick her up and almost put her in her pocket, but all the same, she's happy to see her sister home.

She's a Dollmore Lusion Daish. Here she is, fresh out of the box, in the ballerina outfit, eyes, and wig she arrived in:

Look at her faceup! That's a default, not a custom. The coloring looked a bit dark when I first saw her, but I'm getting used to it, and I think with a red wig, the color will *snap* just right.

She's 80 cm tall, about 2.5 feet, and can wear some baby clothes, which will do fine until I can get some clothes made just for her. In the first pic she's wearing a Harujuku romper I found brand new at a Goodwill nearby. She also weighs 4.2 kilos, around 9.5 pounds, so no purse rides for this girl. I will eventually take her to Target to get some shoes and find tshirts and pants that will fit. That could be an adventure in itself. Yes, I'll take pics!


  1. Happy new doll day! She's a gorgeous girl, but I have to agree about the red wig. She'll be even more gorgeous at that point.

    1. I have a red one on order with Dollspart, so we'll see soon how the red looks on her. *excited*

  2. What's her name? has she told you yet? I think it might be Avril or Lila. ;)

  3. Or Chloe, to go with your doll Zoe :)

  4. Yeah! something tells me her and doll Zoe will be good friends for sure. Ha ha thanks Kels :)

  5. Yes, me and Zoe (person Zoe) Know each other...
    Anyway, I'm new to this blog, and.. I'm hooked. A certain someone (*Cough cough*) Recommended it too me.
    Well Done on the blog. :D Also, I think my cousin has this doll :o


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