Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 21 of the Summer of Martie--with a sandwich!

I take a lot of pictures of Martie wearing a brown leather backpack, including the very first pics I posted of her. I've been asked if there's anything in the backpack, and of course there is! Martie needs her stuff like everyone else.

In the front pocket, she has two pencils (always writing and sketching), 4 quarters in case we run across a crane machine, an Irish tuppence because you never know where you'll end up, and a flattened penny from our trip to the National Zoo last November.

Here's a shot of the inside. What is all that stuff? Why is there a braid sticking out?

 Martie has her own Mini-Me! She also has a bottle of Mt Dew (which is actually lip gloss for Charlie), a business card for DBB in case she gets lost (horrors!), a book to read, a composition book and a legal pad, and a bubble lunch.

The book is a mini copy of the Zalinski Rapunzel, including the text, that we got at TonnerCon. Neat, eh?

 The bubble lunch is a sandwich, with lettuce and a slice of ham. And a cat hair. *facepalm*

And here we are, all the essentials!

What's in YOUR bag today?


  1. You know I can't have enough miniatures-love the mini-me-Martie! Way too cute!

  2. :O doll-sized books O.O I must have! Also, what kind of a doll IS Martie? She look like A Tonner Rapunzel, But theres something different about her...

    1. She is indeed a Tonner Rapunzel, with blue glass eyes in place of her painted green eyes. I got her from Jim Dandy, who mods a lot of painted-eye dolls into glass-eyed beauties. She's the only one in the world!


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