Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 20 of the Summer of Martie--with crafts!

Martie and I straightened up my living room worktable just a bit--it doesn't look neat at all, but believe me, it's a HUGE improvement!

Yes, there are tiny dolly feet sticking up in the purple bucket! Works in progress (new paint or clothes fitting or something along those lines; I always have two or three dolls in there).

What made us decide to do this was a need to have some room to actually do some crafts! Char of Doll Diaries posted this cute 3D Rapunzel papercraft from DisneyFamily, which we'll try later today, and I wondered what else might be on that site for our Rapunzel-loving soul.

I seriously love this frying-pan necklace and will probably make a smaller version for Martie.

For my 42" Masterpiece Rapunzel, a Rapunzel's crown with a printable template!

This pumpkin carving will be on my doorstep this Halloween.

An easy-to-make purse with a golden braid handle is a very cute accessory for little girls ages 3-103!

And on Squiddo is a post with a compilation of Rapunzel crafts.

That ought to keep Martie and me busy for a few days!


  1. So glad I could be of inspiration today! My whole office looks like a tornado ripped through here - craft supplies, doll clothes, doll displays, papers on my desk. Maybe I need to set the timer for 15 and see what I can get straightened up!

    1. You are always inspirational, Char. Did you try the Ten-Minute Tidy?

  2. @Charlie is that where you put everything in the dishwasher or washer? (i.e. when company is coming over) I like the solution I just saw on Pinterest, have "get well" cards to put around so, people think you were sick an unable to clean the house!

    1. OMG that's brilliant! I'm a longtime fan of the throw-a-blanket-over-it method. Of course, I'd have to throw a LOT of blankets around this house....


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