Monday, June 11, 2012

Matilda and Modern Medicine.

Poor Matilda has a little rash on her face, probably caused by red pen ink. OH, NOES! I don't know how it happened, but I've taken to checking my hands for obvious ink or print rub-offs before I pick up my dolls. I don't usually grab the girls by their faces, though, so this one is still a tiny bit of a mystery. I'm keeping my eye out for suspicious characters with markers and ballpoints.

Luckily for my darling Matilda, I have some vinyl dolly medical knowledge, and from the bathroom cabinet I produced some Magical Salve (ie, 10% benzoyle peroxide cream), and thus today she is in treatment:

As you can see, we tried to tame her hair with her nightcap, but to little avail; strands escaped despite my best efforts. I didn't want to spritz her hair for fear I'd hit her face and set the "rash" in even more.
Here she is in her (unlaced) overdress I made from a Carpatina pattern. It's definitely long on her, but otherwise fits nicely. When she's all healed up, I'll get some pictures with it and the floral chemise I made as well. This overdress is reversible, with a more lavish floral pattern on the other side.

I initially put the cream on her last night, then checked this morning, and the marks had faded noticeably, but of course not enough. I expect it to take two or three more treatments before it's gone.


  1. Ooo poor Matilda !!! I hope she recovers from the Pox soon !! lots of love to Matilda

  2. Poor girl! But at least you caught the pox quickly and were able to get her some medical attention. ;-)

  3. Poor girl! Hope she heals soon!

  4. Could you post a picture of your raven haired pyjama girl I'm interested in seeing her up close


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