Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yep, kids, it's another 61 Days of Martie, from June 21 (it's really summer, all right) through August 21 (when the school year starts to warm up around here, esp the Universities, around which my own year revolves). The theme is....well, there really is no theme, we're just going to see what Martie is up to day-by-day. Ready? Here we go!

We begin where many a good thing starts, at the library.

This is the first floor reading room of the main Oakland branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Martie is sitting on an open copy of Lost to the West by Lars Brownworth. Underneath that is The Great Big Book of Horrible Things. History is seriously badass, y'all. 

The bookcases behind her contain newer cookbooks. If you've seen my #cookingwillkillyou tags on Twitter, you'll realize that that's one area of knowledge that I have *z*e*r*o* interest in. Lots of people love cookbooks, though, so they get a nice display. How nice for them. ;P 

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  1. Martie is such a cutie! Love her red dress and shoes! What size shoes does she wear?
    --Karen Stimson in Connecticut USA


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