Saturday, May 19, 2012

TonnerCon Pt 4

This is the Wilde brunch from Friday, which I realize is old news by internet standards, but I'm putting them out there all the same. First, table shot of Martie:

 I made her dress. Isn't it nice? Yes, yes it is. ;D
 The first Lizette with inset eyes! She's really stunning, even more so in person.
 The table favor is a lovely rhinestone brooch--bling bling, yo.
 When the Tonner staff started putting the rain ponchos on, we knew we were in trouble.
 Did I mention we got bags with audience participation items--including squirt guns.
 Robert did a slide show presentation of The Doll Games. There were lots of noises and water involved. Some People can't be trusted with a squirt gun!
 After The Doll Games.
Then a whole lotta people ran for the salesroom line!


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