Friday, May 18, 2012

TonnerCon pt 3.

People? I seriously need an iPhone to get pics out faster and tweet along. I need to keep my iPad on me for tweet ops!

I have a few more pics:

This is Martie with Jim Ash, aka Jim Dandy, who created her distinct look with her blue glass eyes. Did he remember her? Yes! Yes, he did. He's only done one Rapunzel so far, and she's it. My one and only girl.

This is the most exquisite Ellowyne I have ever seen. She's the "special door prize" from the Raffle room, and I whispered to her to tell Robert that she wants to come home with me.

Just a quick shot of part of the Raffle room. So many gorgeous possibilities!

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  1. That Ellowyne was the Paris Convention doll a year or two ago. Every time I see her, I sigh...tell her I said hello.


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