Monday, May 21, 2012

TonnerCon 2012

At some point I gave up trying to document every moment of TonnerCon and just started to be in the moment and taking a few pics when the urge struck. The wonderful Joanne of TonnerDoll was doing such a great job of photodocumentation on Facebook and in the blog, and so much faster than I could, that I just let it roll and pulled out the camera occasionally.

Here are some of the pics I got, and like the others, I will go back and caption these later in the week. ETA--working on it off and on, please check back.

At the volunteers' meeting Thursday afternoon, the first time I actually *saw* Mr Tonner. *brief second of hero worship* See all those boxes against the wall behind him? I actually had NO idea that volunteering would get me a special edition doll. I volunteered because it makes the whole con more fun for me. Virtue occasionally has rewards.

The centerpiece at the opening dessert event, "Welcome Aboard," and the souvenir doll, Judy, on the table. Turns out that our brunette/auburn flight attendant is a re-interpretation of the Cami sculpt.

Martie looking around at all the people and balloons and such. 'Twas quite the sight for those of us used to fan-run (ie, no budget) conventions.

Martie got her own Coke and wasn't about to share! Her loverly outfit by ME.


  1. looks like fun! martie looks like she's having a great time (i'm sure you are too!) are some of those pictures taken by Martie? ;)

  2. Yes, Martie took all the pics that look shaky and slightly out of focus! LOL!

  3. Wait, you can volunteer at these cons? Maybe make it a wee bit less expensive to attend? ooooh, dude.

  4. LOVE the Doll T's!!!!!


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