Sunday, May 6, 2012

Take a walk on the South Side.

I was dragged out of the house by an angry mob with pitchforks and torches persuaded to go on a short walk in the South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh yesterday, as the weather was lovely and the quirky small businesses were open and it was amusing to watch the Cinco de Mayo early celebrants stumble around in broad daylight. Martie forgot her camera, much to her chagrin, but I had mine.

Nope, that's not Charlie's camera, that's part of Kevin's very substantial Nikon DSLR. Charlie has a Nikon L810, which looks more like an SLR but is really more like a serious-looking PnS. Good camera for someone who isn't going to mess with settings very much.

Waiting semi-patiently for our chili cheese dogs.

Too much back lighting, but here's the rather old-fashioned Dairy Queen where we ate lunch (then ice cream!).

This is Groovy! Pop Culture Emporium, which is floor-to-ceiling vintage toys and memorabilia from the 60s through the 90s. It's Charlie's, and Martie's, favorite store on the South Side, even though there aren't as many dolls as we'd like. We managed to find a couple of small dollies to clean up and fix to resell, though. The Star Wars selection is not a Jedi mind trick, it's HUGE!

Across the street, where you can see some of the stores and interesting building painting. There's also at least one bar on every block. It was a happenin' Cinco de Mayo.

Pittsburgh Guitars has ukes! No, Martie, I am not buying you a ukelele.

Or a tattoo! Absolutely not! I don't care how cool that purple flying monkey would look on your arm. 

Then, alas, we ran out of parking meter time and had to be Somewhere Else Important. Next time we walk on the South Side, we're going further down to the South Side Works, with the newer shopping places and the big Goodwill store!

Don't forget about the What's-Martie-Doing-on-Her-Computer post--best comment gets a handmade DBB keychain!


  1. Those are some really nice looking pictures. The outside ones in particular.

  2. Aww .....I want to go! You and me should go sometime.


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