Friday, May 4, 2012

Shameless Commerce Strikes Back!

Go to my eBay auctions and buy y'self something nice. C'mon. You deserve it.

Meanwhile, NOT on eBay, is my resin Evangeline Ghastly A Cautionary Tale with a slight mod to her paint to make her lips lighter. She's nude and has only one restyled wig (I took the roll out and brushed out the hair). I'm asking all of $275. SOLD! I also have a nude Haunted Melody for $75 and an Evangeline Everlasting (I think) nude with no wig for $50, as she has those wonky ankles that the EGs used to have. SOLD! I don't have the boxes for any of these, but they will arrive securely wrapped and sturdily boxed. $10 shipping each, $15 for two, FREE if you buy all three!

If you care to purchase any of the above, drop me a comment, email me at, or make a ChipIn! donation in the correct amount, and please don't forget to email me your mailing address!

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