Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maybe not as Dreary as all that.

Now that I'm recovering from typhoid consumption grippe ague this rotten miserable bronchitis, I've been looking at the stuff I brought back from Tonnercon for myself. One was this unusual girl:

Isn't she prettyful? I found her in the vendors' room, walked by her observantly (ie, longingly) a few times, and finally I bought her on Sunday. According to her CoA, she's a 16" Agnes Dreary, a limited edition of 200 exclusively for the Tonner Company Store. She is on a Flexipose body, with the usual head sculpt for that line, which I always found very endearing. The vendors' room was the first time I'd ever seen her, although later I found several photos of her online. I think I just had never really looked at the Dreary line in any depth. If I had seen her when she was first released, I would probably have either bought her or seriously jonesed for her, despite my usual preference for blondes. Her coloring just works for her so beautifully.

I have clothing plans for her. She's going to have sundresses for summer, in rather sober colors. Because that would be fun. Ooh, and hair clips. Lovely dark hair clips. With black sunflowers.

I also bought myself the Christmas Morning Patsy, after seeing her in the sales room and falling in love. I haven't opened her yet, she'll be a nice reward for when I'm recovered fully. Here's the Official Picture, in case you hadn't seen her (and OMG the puffballs on the jammy feet OMG!!):

 It seems to have been the Week of the Raven-Haired for me. I did buy blondes and redheads...for other people. These are the only two dolls I got for myself.

Yes, I am a serious sucker for Teh Cute.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I will survive.

I have been ill, my dears, quite miserably ill. I came home from TonnerCon with a cold that, a few days later, got nasty and turned into acute bronchitis; as I have severe asthma, as well, this is generally A Very Bad Thing. My husband insistently dragged me to Urgent Care on Sunday, bless his heart, and they were concerned enough to take a chest x-ray ("Lady, if I could contort myself that way and hold my frakkin' breath, I wouldn't be here"). I was quite relieved to find that it had not developed into pneumonia. Triumph! I was sent home with serious drugs, like codeine and an antibiotic that could kill a grizzly at 20 paces, and while I'm still not well, I'm getting better and have regained my will to live. Huzzah, etc.

Thus the lack of posts and pics for the last few days. Soon I'll get all the TonnerCon pics captioned and a few new pics taken, and I hope to get myself back to what passes for normal around here.

Meanwhile, have a Martie replay pic or two:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Inconvenient Souvenir.

I came back from TonnerCon with a vicious cold, y'all, possibly right from Robert His Own Self (he did warn everyone he was sick, but I still insisted on getting into the Contaminant Zone twice), more likely from spending four days in a hotel with people from many different places with different strains of cold viruses. In any case, I'm sick. I can barely talk, I'm breathing but I'm not enjoying it, and I hurt in every cell of my body. Every. Single. Cell.

It just occurred to me that I should provide for Martie's bequeathment in my will. I do hope that was not a foreshadowing thought..... @_@ Yeah, probably the NyQuil talking.

BTW, no, Martie does not have a cold. That's the advantage of being made of plastic.

Monday, May 21, 2012

TonnerCon 2012

At some point I gave up trying to document every moment of TonnerCon and just started to be in the moment and taking a few pics when the urge struck. The wonderful Joanne of TonnerDoll was doing such a great job of photodocumentation on Facebook and in the blog, and so much faster than I could, that I just let it roll and pulled out the camera occasionally.

Here are some of the pics I got, and like the others, I will go back and caption these later in the week. ETA--working on it off and on, please check back.

At the volunteers' meeting Thursday afternoon, the first time I actually *saw* Mr Tonner. *brief second of hero worship* See all those boxes against the wall behind him? I actually had NO idea that volunteering would get me a special edition doll. I volunteered because it makes the whole con more fun for me. Virtue occasionally has rewards.

The centerpiece at the opening dessert event, "Welcome Aboard," and the souvenir doll, Judy, on the table. Turns out that our brunette/auburn flight attendant is a re-interpretation of the Cami sculpt.

Martie looking around at all the people and balloons and such. 'Twas quite the sight for those of us used to fan-run (ie, no budget) conventions.

Martie got her own Coke and wasn't about to share! Her loverly outfit by ME.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

TonnerCon Pt 4

This is the Wilde brunch from Friday, which I realize is old news by internet standards, but I'm putting them out there all the same. First, table shot of Martie:

 I made her dress. Isn't it nice? Yes, yes it is. ;D
 The first Lizette with inset eyes! She's really stunning, even more so in person.
 The table favor is a lovely rhinestone brooch--bling bling, yo.
 When the Tonner staff started putting the rain ponchos on, we knew we were in trouble.
 Did I mention we got bags with audience participation items--including squirt guns.
 Robert did a slide show presentation of The Doll Games. There were lots of noises and water involved. Some People can't be trusted with a squirt gun!
 After The Doll Games.
Then a whole lotta people ran for the salesroom line!

Friday, May 18, 2012

TonnerCon pt 3.

People? I seriously need an iPhone to get pics out faster and tweet along. I need to keep my iPad on me for tweet ops!

I have a few more pics:

This is Martie with Jim Ash, aka Jim Dandy, who created her distinct look with her blue glass eyes. Did he remember her? Yes! Yes, he did. He's only done one Rapunzel so far, and she's it. My one and only girl.

This is the most exquisite Ellowyne I have ever seen. She's the "special door prize" from the Raffle room, and I whispered to her to tell Robert that she wants to come home with me.

Just a quick shot of part of the Raffle room. So many gorgeous possibilities!

More TonnerCon!

I've been having a GREAT time, and volunteering, and shopping, and talking and and and!!

Here's last night's event, the Welcome Aboard event, during which Robert was very funny and slightly stoned on cold meds and thus even funnier. First, though, is a picture *after* that event:

Robert Tonner with Martie on the right, and Sheilah Craft's Cythna on the left. Robert really is the sweetest guy. *hearts*

Now here's a bit of a photo dump, and I hope to add captions later this evening along with more pics:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

TonnerCon Thursday.

Here we are, all checked in and settled in to the hotel!

 Hey, Joanne--I got a picture of you taking pictures of the volunteer meeting!
Our Fearless Leader. With a cold. Poor Robert. He seemed happily medicated, though. ;D

More later!