Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why, yes, I do faceups.

This is an Elfdoll Soah whose faceup I finished (I think--I'm never happy with my own work) yesterday:

I'm not really interested in super-dramatic paint on a doll. Like with my Volks Mika, I prefer a more natural look, rather subtle, so I can dress her in anything, pose her with anything, use any eyes or wig, and the doll still will look good and not completely clash with the styling.

This face was rather intimidating, as Elfdoll Soah is a longtime classic for bjds. I wiped her at least three times before I settled into the first round of painting, and with each layer of MSC I kept a baby wipe handy to wipe whatever didn't go with the previous layers. I'm reasonably pleased with her, and have a sleeping face for her that is, oddly, still intimidating me. I could just copy what I did for the open-eye face, adjusting for closed eyes, but now I'm looking at what I did and thinking "How the hell did I do that?"


  1. The lips look amazing! Will get a better feel for the eyes, which already look lovely, when there are eyes behind them.

  2. I'm never happy with my own stuff either, that's why I had to have someone else do mine.. Love the lips they look really good


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