Friday, April 20, 2012


I made a trade via the Den of Angels forum Marketplace: my Sugarble Rudy for a LittleFee Rolly, with my trading partner in Norway (part of the fun was just trading with someone in NORWAY!, I have to admit--yeah, I'm weird, shuddup). Her Rudy showed up last week, my Rolly showed up today--SURPRISE NEW DOLLIEH!! I wasn't wild about her faceup, though, so decided to repaint her right then. And so I did. Here she is now, along with a screen shot of other Rollys:

Not the best photo, and with the light in here I had to take close to 3 dozen shots just to get this one acceptable one. She has TEETH, cute little white teeth! They don't show up very well here in this messed-up light, but they're adorable, and I'll try to get a few shots in better light tomorrow.

All points considered, though, I'd say she looks pretty good for a "Yeah, I'mma do this NOW" faceup. Feeling a little chuffed about it, actually. *chuffed* <--see? ;D


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