Friday, April 6, 2012

Speaking of Marwencol...

Tonner Doll via Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu just posted about our two-week drive to help Mark Hogancamp make Marwencol. Go, read, and here is the list of wonderful ideas that Terri Gold so graciously put together for us:
 12” Fully Articulated “GI Joe type” 1/6 scale dolls
12” Female fully articulated dolls & clothes for these dolls:
Cy Girls by Blue Box International (BBI) ebay results for cy girls
ZC Girl, TTL (True to Life) Girls,
DML (Dragon Models Limited) Females
(No Barbies, please!)
Militaria in 1/6 scale (Helmets, weapons, mines, walkie talkies, canteen bag, gas mask, dog tags, maps, combat boots, tent. There are thousands of inexpensive items in this scale. some ebay results
Furniture…anything one would find in a military setting or a WWII village.
Props such as Barbie scale appliances (fan, radio, washer/dryer, toilet, fridge, etc.)
Horses and other farm animals.
Vehicles.: jeeps, motorcycles, bicycles and parts thereof.
Wood, wire, mini tubing, cork, twine
Hobby paint brushes and paint.
Sketch books and media (pencils, charcoal, etc.)
Small circuit boards for the time machine.
“Gorilla” Glue (strong glue.)
Terri’s note: Please remember that scale is important. We are looking for 1/6 scale to fit in with Marwencol. Figures are 12”. If you are looking on eBay be careful to verify the scale/size before you purchase anything. There are several different sized GI Joe dolls and accessories. Some sellers think you will know the scale and don’t include the info in their listings.
There is a lot of stuff you can find at flea markets, yard sales and possibly in your own home that will be useful. I found many inexpensive clothing items on eBay for the Cy Girls.
Finally, watching Marwencol is the best way to see what Mark uses and might want more of. His small list of desires is incorporated into the list above.
 I got him an actual GI Joe, and here Martie shows our trip to a local (Pittsburgh) hobby shop last weekend:

Riding in style.

This would be great if he likes to mix paints!

Does Mark need crayons? No? Well....I do. Can I have them, please?

Brushes and bottles and green putty to fix vehicles and a turtle and a hedgehog! Can't have a Belgian village without a hedgehog.
 This weekend we're heading to a scifi convention, and will find some good stuff there, I'm sure!


  1. I <3 the
    "Can i have them please" shot! Martie looks so sweet. i need a dolly bff! lol

    Go Martie!


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