Friday, April 27, 2012

My shy Dollfie Dream.

Here she is again, my Dollfie Dream, wearing the jammies I made just for her, clutching her fairy doll--she hasn't let go of it since I gave it to her--and with regular blue eyes instead of her animetic amber eyes.

We still haven't settled on a name, but on the short list are Violet, Rose, and Cinnamon (called "Cinnie").

BTW, you can get your own fluttery fairy doll from rhi42 on eBay!


  1. Those eyes look really awesome, bright and just really cool. I personally like Cinnamon.
    And I LOVE that little fairy doll! Where did it come from?!

  2. The little fairy came from here:

    I think she's underpricing herself, but for now I'll just take advantage of it! ;D

  3. I want this one!

    That gold one is fabu too!

  4. One of these since the others have bids :-P


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