Friday, April 13, 2012

More of that painting stuff.

I decided to wipe what I'd done on my Bobobie Charisma demon head, so I did get a half-decent "Before" shot after all.

However, I didn't get any "During" shots, because I just kept going after I'd gotten started.

Yes, the eyelashes are a tad lopsided, I'm correcting that.

I decided she'd make a better "everyday person" kind of demon instead of a red-blue-purple flamingly obvious demon. She's just an ordinary woman with horns and devil ears, is that so wrong?


  1. I like it - but it's a she? I guess hard to tell with no wig or body. Now I want one too.

  2. It's a she, but it's really an androgynous head--you can also get it with a male body, and/or with a faceup. I ordered her blank because I'm a masochist! ;D

  3. I like that a lot, looks.. well very pleasant for a demon. :-)

    P.S I think you could make $$ doing these and selling them.

    1. Yes, a very pleasant demon, that's what I was going for.

      PS--I'm not good enough yet, honest.

  4. Replies
    1. Why do I hear that in Yoda's voice? 'D

    2. Because I am one with the Force and I'm seeing the future.


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