Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free the dollfie! Free the dollfie!!


I decided to do a box opening, as Char Polanosky was going to be annoyed if I didn't I'm so excited to welcome my new Dollfie Dream home!

First, however, I have to lay a blanket on the couch, as the upholstery pattern is rather busy and it's harder to see the subject if I don't cover it. Plus then you can't see all the dog and cat fur and Doritos on it. What? I live with two guys and a small petting zoo.

Hey! That's me on this blanket! But the eyes are the wrong color, my eyes are blue! Silly factory!

 Okay, give me the box cutter, and.....

No! You'll cut your whole hand off. I don't want to see blood, it's nasty. Or bones.

Oh, c'mon, Martie, I'm not that bad!

You cut your hand on closed safety scissors a couple months ago. No box cutter for you!

All right, then. But be careful!

Look, Charlie, it's a box inside a box inside another box! Then bubble wrap! Seems kind of wasteful, all this cardboard and plastic.

It'll be okay, honey, we can reuse most of it for my eBay stuff.

Don't look now, but Jake's behind you. Obligatory cat-in-the-box-opening-post picture!

 There's so much stuff in that big box, wow!

 Oh, look! Hi, new kid!

Let's get her out of that box now, shall we?

You're going to have to help, this box is so much bigger than I am.

Of course, dear. Let's get to work.

Got the ribbon? Okay, untie it!

Well, now, how is she supposed to breathe inside a sealed plastic bag?

She doesn't breathe until we open it and she becomes a being.

Was I in a plastic bag? I don't remember.

Nope, you were just tied inside a sturdy box. But you were naked, like this girl! Pull off that plastic so she can start being!

 Oh. *yawn* Where am I? Who are you? Who am I?

You're at your home! That's Charlie, she's the DollyMama, and I'm Martie. 

Welcome home, dear! I have some clothes here for you, so we'll give you a moment to get dressed.

 My head is very cold.

That's because you don't have your hair yet.

What? Oh, no! I can't be seen without hair! Can I have your hair?

No, you can't have my hair. I'm a Rapunzel, my hair is magical. I think Charlie has some hair for you.

Yep, I sure do. Hold still while I put it on your poor cold noggin.

Oh, that's much better!

You look really cute! Look at those long curls!

What in the world is this?

That's a smaller bust, dear, that we'll change you into when you've had a chance to settle in.

Oh! All right. Why?

Charlie doesn't care for bazoombahs. She prefers itty bitty Smaller ones.

Well, then I do, too!

I think I'm going to like being.


  1. Does new being dolly have a name yet? And hey, at least they're nicely shaped bazoombahs.

    Welcome home, and Martie, it's a good thing you're there to run the show now. Better not to have blood allover the new box. *deletes off-colour childbirth joke*

    1. No, new being dolly hasn't a name yet. I'm thinking something that goes along with Ginger, but not sure what. Plus, she hasn't told me. ;D

      AHAHAHAH! That's okay, you didn't need to say it! *snerts like a 12 yr old*

  2. What a fun post! I love her expression in the second-to-last picture especially.

    1. Thank you! She's remarkably expressive, I have to say. *so much fun*

  3. Wow, she's pretty! I think maybe Gina, or Grace, would be a good name for her.
    Something tells me her and Martie are going to be good friends!

    Btw, i'm with you, i once hurt myself with a cupcake (Don't ask) :)

  4. She's gorgeous! Amazingly beautiful, and I love your unboxing. She has such a sweet personality already, and I really felt for her. Poor cold little head!


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