Sunday, April 1, 2012

Family pictures.

Oh, yeah, did you think you were going to see my family pictures? Silly readers.

I finally got all my Volks bjds together for a few pics outside.

I made all their clothes, and every stitch was by hand. Jess's faceup and assembly are by me.

Clockwise from top left: Victoria (SD KyoTenshi Shiratori), Davy (MSD KoTenshi Tsubaki), Virginia (SD Kun), Jess (MSD Mika, faceup by me), Ellen (YoSD Papi version 2 LE), Pippa (YoSD Kun), Nina (YoTenshi Yuh).

The Little Kiddles: Nina, Pippa, Ellen.

Victoria, Davy, Virginia, Jess.

Notice any family resemblance? Pippa is the YoSD version of Virginia!
Don't worry if all the "KyoTenshi Shiratori SD YoMama" stuff doesn't make sense. "Tenshi" means "angel," if that helps any, and those are Davy, Victoria, and Nina; tenshi dolls are genderless. All the others are female. I'm still not sure which is "Ko" and which is "Kyo," so anyone who understands Japanese or has a long history with Volks dolls, please do feel free to correct me. Nicely.

I took these pics partly to see WTH is up with my camera, which is behaving badly. I have to admit that I've dropped it, slung it around, banged it off things, and sat on it. It's starting to show the consequences of all that in its photos. I'm not going to stop banging things about, so I may have to get used to buying a new point-n-shooter every couple of years. Kevin the Camera Gear Head is going to look at it and its settings and see if he can readjust a few things. I may want to upgrade in any case, because I'm finding I want a better, more versatile camera, without having to change lenses and settings every frame--so still an easy camera, not a big butch SLR. I doubt I'll ever be ready for one of those.


  1. They're a lovely family, though I have to admit that Nina is the one who really makes me sit up and take notice!

    I'm thinking the same thing about my camera; let me know what you decide? I don't have a Camera Dude around to talk to about one. ;-)

  2. Isn't Nina gorgeous? I first saw her in a pic in a Volks book, then *hunted her down* until I found her on the DoA marketplace. Worth it!

    I'll let you know where I decide to go on this. Until we get the taxes straightened out, I'm not going to be buying anything.

    1. I also hunted Pippa down, and finally found her on the MP in BANGKOK. She came a loooong way to get to me! I

    2. They're adorable Charlie. I have to roam over sometime to see them in person.

      Ko and Kyo are more examples of how the Japanese love to mess with your head... wait, no, I mean they love to play with the language using honorifics to define your social relationship. "Ko" is a typical ending applied to female children, and typically translates to "cute little". So when she was a toddler, Sasha would be "Sasha-ko", meaning "cute little Sasha".

      Kyo is a more formal honorific meaning (loosely) "Sir". So if any of your dolls were genderless, they would probably be given that honorific as the most polite form of address.

    3. Hey I am still Sasha-ko!

    4. They really are more beautiful in person. I can't seem to get a good shot of Davy to show off that lovely delicate face. So, y'know, getcher butt to mah hahse! You know you want to. *shakes booty*

      Okay, I actually get that ko/kyo stuff now--cute little angel, Sir Angel. There are similar honorifics in Tagalog--po, kayo, etc. Thank you, and it looks like I didn't mix them up, so I no longer feel quite as stupid on that point! Now what about -san and -chan? Younger, older?

    5. Yeah, we've got taxes to straighten out, too. And very cool about Pippa and Nina finally turning up for you! That's awesome.

      *whines* why can't we just be independently wealthy and play with dolls? *doesn't want to be an adult today*

  3. I like the McCalls outfit on Victoria. Came out really cute. :-)

    1. Didn't it, though? I really like that outfit. Thanks, chica!


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