Friday, March 16, 2012


Martie was tired of her hair in a big knot (loop and under, just a thick slipknot), so insisted on a styling.

All this braided, and that braid still goes past her butt.

In the course of looking for good stuff for my dolls, I found a shpritz called Oil Spray from Volks. It's pricey--$9 for just two or three ounces--but it turned out to be worth it on Martie's hair. Smooooooooth detangling without any residue. I have no idea what's really in it, because the label is in Japanese (...sigh...). I'm going to take a close picture of the bottle and ask my Japanese-speaking kanji-reading brother-in-law if he can see any ingredients listed. When I run out, I'm back to Downy and water shpritz unless I can make the oil spray myself. One tiny $9 bottle and scary shipping charge is enough. But DAMN does Martie's hair look great!

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