Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring fever.

I'm sick of winter. This wasn't a difficult winter especially, but I've had enough of the dreary thing all the same. I'm ready for fresh leaves and lilacs and even dandelions. My annual mourning dove mating pair has returned and are preparing the nest anew--old nest, new sticks!--so the promise is there. Now nature just has to deliver.

Yesterday was beautiful and warm, so Martie took advantage of it and washed her hair to let it dry in the breeze from the window, and there was a sudden small gust.

Her hair takes quite a while to dry completely. I honestly think this girl has more hair on her head than I do! I do need to wash her hair every now and again, as the companion doll aspect of her existence can get kind of dusty and messy. She also got a general cleaning, so she's fresh as a daisy now, and ready for actual daisies to start popping.

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