Monday, March 12, 2012

Shameless commerce.

I have some dolls listed on eBay right now, so please do go take a look:

Charlie's Really Nice Stuff on Sale.


  1. So I just read your whole blog, back from the beginning today! And it totally rekindled all the urges to collect and keep dolls that your first Berdine Creedy did, three years ago.

    I'm so glad you let us know about the blog, because I'm reading it every day and squeeing hugely. Rapunzel has always been my favorite fairytale, partly because of the hair. OMG, the hair. And I drooled over the Tonner doll when she came out, and Martie is AMAZING. I love how real and unique and beautiful she is.

    Also, you are such an incredible artist, with your stitching, your photography, the incredible way you let the personalities of your dolls shine through so clearly. I have missed getting to witness your creativity and talent, and I'm so, so glad I can witness them both again!

    *tight hugs*

  2. Also, I will be haunting the Galadriel. Just in case.

  3. ZOMG THURI HIIIIIIIIII!! I was so pleased to hear from you! What are you up to these days?

    You make me blush. *blush* <--See? Thank you, honey, I sometimes think my efforts go unnoticed, which is kind of silly, but the validation and compliments really made my day!

    I'm still writing, btw, just not throwing it on the intartubes for free anymore.

    Are you excited for "The Hobbit"? My Boys aren't in it, of course, but *squee* all the same. Martin Freeman makes Bilbo look gooooooood.

  4. You're selling ZOE?
    I woud buy... but i would need some serious monies.

    1. Yep, I need to pay Mr Taxman. Le sigh.

    2. But in the end, I couldn't do it. I pulled the listing.

  5. I totally forgot this wouldn't e-mail me when you replied! Oops!

    I am GOOD! Still living in Missouri, and I have a job I actually really like right now. I get paid to be a know-it-all, basically. It rocks.

    And they don't go unnoticed! You are incredible, always have been. *nods firmly* Though I completely understand, reading your whole "not an artist" post from awhile ago...I always feel the same way, whenever I spin or knit or weave or sew something and have people tell me that's what it is. I was so proud of you for going for it, though!

    I'm...kind of excited? Martin Freeman has been a favorite actor of mine for years, the pictures coming out have been AMAZING, and of course Ian and Elijah and Andy and everybody *are* back. Merry and Pippin. And I always liked LOTR better than The Hobbit. So I will see it and squee, but I don't think it'll capture my brain the way LOTR did.

    Also, I totally blame you for this: She's on her way to me now.

    And I can't tell you how loudly I squeed when I saw people make Hitty dolls!! I LOVED that book as a kid, and asked for a Hitty for every birthday and Christmas for about four years in a row. Just lost one on eBay today, but I am going to keep trying!

  6. THuri!Hitty! I don't need 3, truly, I'm quite willing to sell one, if you haven't won an eBay bid yet. I didn't know about Hitty until last spring, so it must not have been in either the elementary or middle school libraries, as I think I actually read everything in those (except sports books-ppthh). I read it on a friend's zealous recommendation, and wow, what a captivating book. I wish I'd had read it when I was younger, I would have loved it.

    Feeling Fatigue is one of my *favorite* Ellowynes, although I don't have her (seriously trying to scale down and control myself, I truly am). Ellowyne rock whatever they wear, you are going to LOVE that doll. Make her some clothes, you'll be thrilled at how they look on her.

    Martin Freeman has done the impossible, and made Bilbo attractive. I wanna pinch him and hug him and love him and squeeze him and make him my verrrrrry own. I refuse to slash him with a dwarf, though, so I'm going to have to come up with an OC. .....yeah, I'm pretty hopeless, eh? ;D

    I occasionally get yelled at (gently) for not calling myself an artist. My son even closely examined something I'd made, and said "WHY ARE YOU NOT SELLING THESE?!?" I'm much too thin-skinned, but I have been voluntarily unemployed for so long I need to get my arse in gear and bring some money in. Hence all the eBaying!

    1. YOU ARE? OMG, I will take you up on that like WHOA. Let me know how much you'd like for her! And I read that book over and over...I even remember starting a fanfic from it, long before I knew what fanfic was, calling it her second hundred years.

      As soon as I saw the outfit on the Feeling Fatigue, and then the hair and the eyes, I was LOST. The fingerless gloves, and the boots, and the jacket, and just...omg. I was sure when I started looking I'd want to get one I could change the wigs on, or a redhead, which is my usual bent, but she was just too perfect. I'm already scoping out knitting patterns, and going through my fabric stash!

      Martin Freeman is made of kittens and joy. I never thought I'd write Sherlock slash, but the power of his cuddly jumpers compelled me. And so I imagine he may do the same once I've seen the Hobbit. Though, like you, I've no obvious character for a pairing...but that's where the appendices come in handy, isn't it? Daisy ;)

      I understand the thin skin. After the debacle when I first posted pictures of Hannah and that crazy friend of Molly's enemy C posted a link in a hater community, it took me a long time to get over it. But I'm glad I finally did! And you are *immensely* talented. Goodness knows my paycheck will be in trouble when you do start selling!!

      So...where are all the doll people hanging out these days? Since I'll have a box to open and share soon?

    2. This thing has eaten my reply TWICE now. Blogger needs a swift kick in the pants. *kick*

      Tell me which Hitty of my three makes your heart zing, and we'll talk! I also warn you I may have to do a little digging, because a lot of my dolls are packed for this phantom move (really, we've been on it for a year, christ on a cricket bat...), but they're safe and gorgeous.

      Doll people hang out in all kinds of places. I'm here and on Twitter, mostly. The Tonner Doll folks hang out on #dollchat on Twitter, with 2 regular chatter times a week (Tues 9 pm EST and Sun 2 pm EST). I love them, I really do, and they encourage dolls in general, not just theirs--and Ellowynes count, as Robert Tonner sculpted them. for forums, there's Den of Angels for Asian bjds, but they're snotty and exclusionary (bunch of American white girls deciding what's "Asian enough")-still, they're the biggest, and I get a lot of info from them mostly by lurking. Also, there's Resin Cafe, which was formed around Kaye Wiggs dolls but they're nicer and INclusionary.

    3. I split this up so I wouldn't get deleted again. >.<

      What else...follow TonnerDirect on Facebook and @tonnerdoll on Twitter, for Tonners, and go look at the Doll Diaries blog--she started out with American Girls but has expanded, and is So Much Fun to talk to.

      OMG that Willis girl....when that happened, I asked Ann (who was, of course, still alive at the time, otherwise it would have been pointless to ask, non?), who was a friend of Connie Willis, WTF was with the crazy daughter. Ann made a face like she'd sucked a lemon and said "That girl is Just Not Right." What a horrid person. Almost worse than Mirabella. I've learned to stay away from junkyard dogs. Ahem.

      Did you end up selling Hannah? I know you asked me about that, unfortunately when I was broke, or I would've taken her.

    4. I couldn't sell Hannah. She's still packed from my own recent move, but yeah...couldn't do it. I ended up selling a few other things, instead. That was a bad summer--lost one job and hadn't gotten my awesome new one yet, so I needed the cash, but...yeah. Couldn't do it.

      Yeah, C is a piece of work. She's a 12 year old mean girl in 40 year old's body. She never grew up, and she's just poison to be around for too long. Am glad I'm 1800 miles away from that, though I miss other people!

      I will take note of places to explore and start looking at them! Because Laura (Trilliah, my roommate) is slightly afraid of dolls, so I need someone to squee with.

      As for the Hittys, I looked them over! And they are all beautiful. But my preference definitely runs 1) stonedragon44, 2) cassieq and 3) raikes. Let me know how much you're thinking and I'll count my pennies! And I've waited twenty years for one, so waiting for you to unpack is no problem at all!


      I'm so glad you gave out the link for this blog. I've missed you SO MUCH!

  7. Oh, good, I'm glad Hannah is still with you! Melodi has had a new faceup, but is still that sweet little girl doll I fell in love with. Berdine just makes the most beautiful faces.

    Laura is afraid of dolls? *facepalm* Probably completely terrified of puppets, too. She'd die of a heart attack in my house! She okay with teddy bears? Not being sarcastic, just curious.

    Okay, Hittys-- 1) $300 2) $250 3) $100. Yep, I know, but there's a lot of work in these, in the carving and painting. Your taste is excellent, that stonedragon girl is the best of the three. I'm willing to do layaway for you, if that helps. Plus I'll throw in a dress or two!


    1. Laura *is* okay with teddy bears. We have an embarrassing number of "character" bears from various fandoms. I've even sewn the outfits for several of them: Merlin and Arthur from the BBC Merlin were the most recent.

      And ooo. $300 is perfectly reasonable, considering all the work that's put into them, and also out of my league for just now, considering what I've already bought this month! Hmmm...Well. But the stonedragon is definitely my favorite...

      I do have a bid in now, but if it doesn't work out, then I will do that for sure, so long as you're really okay with layaway! That would make it easiest for me, and she is amazing.

    2. Sugar, I'm always okay with a layaway for a friend. Whatever terms you might need. Just let me know, I'm in no rush, and if you decide against it, that's cool, too.

      Teddy bears don't seem to cross the Uncanny Valley like dolls seem to do for some people. Plus, you don't see a lot of Evil Teddy Bear tv shows and movies, but dolls and puppets? OMG. Antique dolls really press some people's buttons, too, esp if they believe in ghosts and such silliness. Y'know what creeps me out? Taxidermied animals. Can not deal.

      Aieee, those bears are so cute! I love 'em!! Good work!

    3. Then bid or no bid, I'd love her. Especially as I just reread the book today. I can do $100 per paycheck starting with my next, so that'd be first payment on the 30th, second on April 13th, final payment to you by April 27th?

      And apparently Ellowyne does not scare Laura! (she arrived today, I will post pics later, because OMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!) She actually thinks she's pretty awesome. So I'm using that as a go ahead to litter my desk with fashion dolls, at least.

      Arwen gets here tomorrow. I'm super excited. Now I need to dig out my sewing supplies, tiny knitting needles, and get moving!

    4. OMG, Thuri, I swear I thought I'd answered this. *smacks self on head*

      That payment plan sounds great to me! My paypal is

      So how are Ellowyne and Arwen settling in? Is Laura freaked out by Arwen at all? I can't imagine being scared of Ellowyne, so I'm glad Laura sees a doll that doesn't upset her.

    5. And now we are even, as I thought I'd answered this!

      So...yeah. Financial reality has derailed my hopes and dreams. Financial reality called new tires. I am *so* sorry, especially because I hate to back out on an agreement and goodness knows money promised is hard to lose. But it's going to be a month or two before I can manage $300 for something as awesome, but relatively non-vital as a doll, at least if I want to keep eating and paying rent.

      Stupid real life.

      And Ellowyne and Arwen are settling in great! I haven't figured out Ellowyne's name yet, but she has gone through all my jewelry to steal bracelets for belts and necklaces, she's already demanded one new outfit, and she's come to work with me several times. And Laura's been secretly playing with her hair and changing her clothes, so I'm thinking I'll have to get Laura one of her own, later. Apparently she's NEVER HAD A DOLL!! Which must be fixed.

      And Arwen is beautiful and ethereal and elven. And has *awesome* boots.


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