Monday, March 26, 2012

Now with freckles!

I'm seldom really satisfied with anything I've made or done, so of course I had to mess about with my Volks F-02 MSD faceup again:

Freckles, a bit more shading, a different wig...I'm going to try a few redhead wigs on her as well, but she seems to me to be a pale blonde. I'm also going to play with eyes, but for now I really like these blue-green ones.

I need some kind of very very light hairspray to tame some of these wigs, too. Sometimes I can't see all the flyaways until I look into the camera. Ginger's default wig is out of control with the flyaways, even with a spritz of the oil spray, so I may need to get a light hold hairspray and dilute it for the wigs.


  1. I love the freckles! Always a fan of them, in RL and on dolls. You did a beautiful job with these.

  2. The freckles are adorable, and I agree about the wig color. Pale blonde seems to fit her very well.

    1. Oooh, but the red really lit her up. Go see the latest post.


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