Thursday, March 1, 2012

I swear to you, I almost kept him.

See, I bought my daughter a birthday present. Her birthday isn't for a month, but this gorgeous thing said "She neeeeeeeeeds me SO BAD!,"so I ordered it, expecting to set it aside until her actual birthday (March 29, she'll be 28! That makes me....uhm....39. Permanently.). I also ordered a pattern for my own dolls with it, so had to open the shipping box, and then this happened.

Well, not quite like that, as I did wait for her to get off work so she could open his box herself. But I did get a good look at him in his window box.

A real good look.

Then I messaged her and told her to come get him right after work or I was keeping him.


And I meant it.

He has gone home now and is no longer in harm's way (ie, my sweaty clutches), and she completely adores him, so my Mom Senses are still working great after all these years.

Darling Daughter's blog post about this can be found here.

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