Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fashion show.

Okay, not high fashion, certainly, but I've been sewing a storm for Ginger (Volks SD Kun F-22 standard), and I wanted to show off some of her cute ensembles. I go for serious quality construction over embellishment, so don't go looking for lace and sparklies here. Yet. I have inherited a crazy dresser full of fabrics and laces and trims, so we'll see what my fevered brain manages to come up with over the summer.

I made everything she's wearing.

She stands and poses so beautifully. This is a summer play suit made from vintage 1930s feedsack fabric.

The same, with variations (those are baggy shorts, not a skirt), in another vintage feedsack print.

No paparazzi, please! The skirt is made from a baby skirt I found at a Goodwill. Many great things to repurpose can be found at Goodwill stores. Support them, they do good work!

Oh, hello, Kitty.

Hair change!

Ginger lives up to her name in this wig.

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