Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zoe in pink and blonde.

My Linda Macario Iris has a NAME--allow me to introduce you to Zoe Riley!

I made her smock shirt from an American Girl pattern. For an AG, that's a full-length nightgown with long sleeves. For Zoe, it's a shirt/short dress with half-length sleeves. AG full length pants fit, but only go to her knees. She's a looooooong baby, all right. I found by happy accident that newborn size onesies fit her just perfectly as short-sleeve body shirts, although are a bit bulky in the crotch. Cutting off the leg/hip and hemming makes them into nice t-shirts.  For long sleeves, however, I need to use an AG tshirt pattern and double the sleeve length. I made her a pair of pants by doing the same with a pants pattern, although I find I need to add another inch to make the hem fall at her ankle.

There will be more, and more interesting, photos as her wardrobe expands and the weather improves.


  1. I think she looks prettier blonde. I think it suits her "skin" tone much better.

  2. Tomorrow she'll probably be a green-eyed redhead. ;D

  3. American girl doesn't fit her? I'm saving up for MAG #55. She's adorable.

  4. AG atuff does fit, except for being short in the arms and legs. All the AGs are really cute! I ave Kanani and a MAG #38.

  5. Oh, oh, has Martie been usurped? Zoe fits her, and I've always loved that name. Funny, I figured out the same thing about my 72cm Mongol boy, but he wasn't nearly as pleased about AG patterns being adaptable as I was. ;-)

  6. Martie, usurped? Oh, no, no. Not possible. Martie continues to reign over the doll room. She's the only doll in my family who has her own photo album on Ianto (the MacBook). She's still my dolly BFF.

    Zoe is a perfect name, and Sam named her; he's actually pretty good at that, once he gets all the goofy names out (like PoopyFaceTomatoNose and Alvin the Zombie Killer--the latter may be used sometime on something else, tho, it made me laugh). It suits her, it's light and uncomplicated, but still has a zing. She's like a butterfly, even though she weighs more than a sack of potatoes and is tall and gangly. She's weirdly cuddly, and my dog LOVES her, as witnessed by that pic on her first appearance here!

    What, the Mongol boy doesn't want to wear a poofy pinafore? Spish. Make him some lacy bloomers, and threaten to make him wear them if he doesn't make nice with the fashion posing.


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