Saturday, February 18, 2012

Prepare yourself, fabric store, Martie's on her way.

Today was Hunting and Gathering Shopping Day. Whee. I *h*a*t*e* these monthly-or-so provisioning marathons. I can always think of a jillion other things I'd rather be doing; whether I'd actually do any of them is beside the point.

However, we did get to the fabric store, yay!, because I needed some larger cuts of fabric to make clothes for Zoe (who, to remind you, is 29" tall).

Here is Martie, planning our line of shopping attack. This turned out to be futile, as the store had rearranged everything (WHY do they keep doing this to me?), and we were very easily distracted by all the pretty and sparkly things, of which there were many.
A flat wooden doll!
Lovely patterns to sew!

Martie is overwhelmed.

By the time we checked out and left, Martie had gotten quite the headache, but we got what we went in there for! And a whole lot of other stuff, too. Oopsie?


  1. On April 14th, there is a giant fabric and yarn sale at the South Park Home Economics building beginning at 9 am. (They have old patterns and magazines, too.) It's usually pretty crowded, though. But you might find some vintage fabric or pattern you could use.

  2. Our Joann's just redid the entire store.. You can't find anything.. There looks like more stuff.. But I think it's just more shelves..

  3. adelheid: Thank you for the heads-up on that! I remember going to a sale like that but it was in the 1990s. *slaps forhead* Time to go again, I think!

    Thomas, I *know*, I think they all reorganized. It took me another half hour at least to navigate. So frustrating!

  4. Yeah, those fabric store trips can be a real bitch, no pun intended. I'm glad you survived--and yes, the shiny, it distracts! Gah, no, go away, go away! My favorite local store is not shiny, but filled with fun fabrics. The truly distracting store if the ribbon/button store that specializes in stuff for doll makers. THAT one is hard to get in and out of in any reasonable amoutn of time.


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