Monday, January 9, 2012

While I'm at it...

In the previous post, I discussed the eclecticism of my doll collection. I don't know if anyone noted this, but there's an area that a great number of doll collectors began in and many continue, that I didn't mention, and that I don't collect: Barbie.

I've had Barbies, of course; it's almost impossible to have been a girl in the 1960s/70s and not have had  at least one Barbie. I had a Twist-n-Turn Francie (brunette) and, later, a Malibu Barbie. I had cousins who had the "old" Barbies, more like the original, and they'd bring them over every now and again. I played with them because....well, I don't know, because I was supposed to, I guess. I never developed any real emotional connection with Barbie, or the rest of her branded companions. I still am not roused to any emotional *zing* with Barbie. There are just too damn many of them, I'm not impressed with the quality of the clothing, and they all look the same to me. There. I admitted it. I'm a heartless non-Barbie bitch. Lately I've been wandering back into some mass-market dolls (Monster High, Moxies), but routinely bypass the Barbie aisles. There's just nothing there that appeals to me.

However, this autumn, I joined the Barbie Fan Club. Say what?

Two reasons: I wanted the BFC-exclusive Silkstone Francie coming up--the one in pajamas, go figure--and didn't want to pay eBay prices (and, in fact, I bought one the day it came out), and two, I kinda liked the swag. I use my "tote couture" bag to drag doll stuff and other necessaries between houses--the whole thing is spelled out in her hair, so it's Rapunzelish, after all. I got a tshirt, a drink cup, a couple other little things. I more than got my membership fee back in the quarterly shopping bonuses for stuff I wanted anyway, and got the Francie at a decent price. Oh, wait, a third reason: I got the Star Trek reboot Kirk and Spock for $6 each with free shipping. Ta-da! Whether I'll re-up for 2012 is up in the air, but I'm rather doubting it. I feel pretty Barbie-sated.

So the Barbies I have...let me see...Kirk, Spock, Ken as Kirk, Barbie as some nameless Yeoman, the Silkstone Francie, and a vintage Twist-n-Turn brunette Francie (nekkid but in really good condition) from eBay. I think that's it. There's more of a Star Trek thing going on there than a Barbie thing. Is two Francies a collection? Nah, not really.

There. Done with the self-indulgent musing for the day. I think. Maybe. We'll see how I feel after supper.


  1. Same thing happened to me regarding not collecting Barbie - 6 years ago - and I've kept the BC.Com membership renewed ever since. I do buy some things I wouldn't otherwise purchase, but it's not terribly harmful after all.

  2. I was thinking, Terri, that I might want to keep it current because they may suddenly burst forth with something else I'd want, and it isn't terribly expensive. That $20 quarterly credit is awfully sweet, too.


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