Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Serious Literary Discussion.

In "Green Eggs and Ham," was the ham supposed to be green, too? Or just the eggs?   
 They were both green, according to the pictures, and you really shouldn't eat eggs or ham if they're green, I don't care what Sam-I-Am says. You'll get sick. Now may I have that egg, please?
I shouldn't eat this spinach, then. It's green. I'll get sick.
 No, you won't get sick, because spinach is supposed to be green, whereas eggs and ham are not. Ever. Nice try, dear. Let's get this in the pot, shall we?
Well, you put ham and eggs in there, and then the spinach, and won't the spinach turn the ham and eggs green? So I shouldn't eat it, right? Why can't I just have cake instead? 
Ohhhh, Martie. Here, have an orange, supper won't be ready for a while.

What if it's green on the inside? What if it has green seeds? What if...

Hush up and eat your orange, dear. In another room.

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