Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ice under snow on steps plus gravity equals BAD.

So on Tuesday I'm leaving the house in the morning, with the dog, to head over to the other house (I currently have 2 houses because of an inheritance, which is, in fact, rather more a problem than a blessing--2 mortgages, 2 sets of utility bills, 2 general home upkeep expenses....) to work on the doll room. There was snow on the front steps, as it had snowed the night before, and the dog is a tad excitable when a car trip is in her sights. I asked Kevin to open the car door so I could let the dog go, knowing she'd head straight for the car and get in, because I didn't want her to pull on the leash and make me fall. He did, I did, she did. Huzzah! Then I took a free step, unencumbered by excitable dog.

And I fell. Slipped on ice under the snow, did a classic sit-landing, and whacked my tailbone directly against the edge of the concrete step behind me.

Did this hurt? Ohhh my. Ohhhh, yes, yes, it did.

One would think a tailbone injury wouldn't sideline someone, and one would be wrong. I've been in pain, very very cranky and out of sorts, and am inordinately grateful to whoever invented this closed-cell foam donut chair pad.

What this has to do with this blog:  I haven't been able to take any doll pics, as most of my dolls are at the other house, and I wasn't going to move around a whole lot to get pics anyway. Martie's in the same clothes she was in on Sunday's post, because all her clothes are over there, too.

I'm hardly dying from any of this, just annoyed and pained, and somewhat photographically stifled. I'm going to try to get out of the house for a little while today, before I start collecting dust. I expect regular posting to resume next week.

Meanwhile, have a double dose of Rapunzel to cure what ails you:


  1. Oh my, I hope you feel better! I've experience that before and it's no joy ride. At least you have Martie by your side to make it better :)

  2. I'm rather unpleasantly surprised at just how very painful and inconvenient this has turned out to be. Stupid unnecessary evolutionary leftover tailbone. ;P My second thought after I fell was "OMG did I break Martie?!?"


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