Monday, January 9, 2012

Balsamic or raspberry?

Let's give a hearty welcome to my Tonner Revlon 13" Wigged Basic, whose name is--Vinaigrette. Yes, it is. I deboxed her last night, got her dressed, tried on all her wigs, and Vinaigrette is the name that occurred, and stuck around. I call her Vinnie.
Vinnie is one of the reasons I call my doll collection eclectic, which is a classier way of saying "all over the place." She's a new size for me, I haven't sewn a single thing for her (no jammies? Unthinkable!), and she is very definitely an adult, as opposed to young teenager, like Martie.

I've been thinking lately that my collection lacks focus. I have babies up to adults, 18" play dolls to 4" vinyls, and resin dolls from 2.5" to 26". I have porcelain Rapunzels and resin Bleuettes. I have subcollections, such as the Rapunzels, Monster High, Madame Alexander, and Ellowyne Wilde (Martie's a crossover--Rapunzel and Ellowyne, because of her EW body)--and troll dolls (there, I admitted it, I love those ugly mugs). I have mass-market dolls bought at WalMart and OOAKs from artists. Wood, composition, hard plastic, vinyl, cloth, resin, porcelain, paperclay....

I am going to weed my dolls, and sell off the ones I don't *love*; for example, all four of my Evangeline Ghastlys will go--I gave her a good try, but I'm just not attached to them (they're going nude; I either bought them that way or already sold the outfits). A number of the bjds will go, as well, and a few of the art dolls that seemed like a good idea at the time. At least a couple Ellowynes are going--I bought them for the clothes, and the dolls themselves aren't different enough from ones I have to warrant keeping them.

I rather doubt this weeding will result in any clear pattern. I love what I love, whether it's a Moxie Teenz or a Gregg Ortiz prototype, and I dare anyone to figure out precisely what I like by looking at my dolls. Or my bookshelves, or my home. My wardrobe's pretty transparent--comfort first, then color, then price, and then maybe I'll think about the style at some point, but I buy a lot of stuff at thrift stores, so again--aside from resolutely casual, no serious pattern. My handbag, however, is genuine Louis Vuitton--I do have *some* style.

Which reminds me that I should sell a lot of my old handbags, too....


  1. Which Evangeline Ghastlys do you have? *nosey*

    And you can't sell any bags before you find out if it's one I've wanted. :-P

  2. I have Everlasting (vinyl, wigged), Visiting Frogmore (vinyl), Haunted Melody (vinyl), and Cautionary Tale (resin, face paint slightly modified). I'm trying to figure out the best place to post 'em for sale, Doll Page or eBay, or offer them to #dollchat first.

  3. Oooo :) which Ellowynes are you possibly selling? There are a few where I've wanted the doll but not the outfit!

  4. I'm not sure which Ellowynes I'll be selling nude aside from Nothing Springs to Mind. I have to go through them and do some comparisons. I might sell my wigged Pru, too; I've never been really crazy about Pru.


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